Rendering and Multilight Keyframing with Maxwell

I’ve tried to set up a simple scene inside of Cinema 4d to start using Maxwell Render. Scene objects were modeled in a rush inside of Cinema 4d just to have something of mine to display (as usual I was inspired by some catalogue found on-line, but I can’t remember where). The purpose of this exercise was to…

Full Irish

This work was inspired by the fascination about the mood of the modern built environement from the Republic of Ireland and from the visual strenght of this house sited in Randalstown, County Antrim, by Alan Jones Architects. #nonfacciosoloisolette


This picture was inspired by the work of Todd Saunders, who’s architecture relates explicitly to landscape, illustrating a contemporary uncertainty about the validity of Modernism’s victory over nature.


This work was inspired by the Summer House with Studio in Vejby by Henning Larsen. The whole building was modeled in every detail, including structural elements. The vegetation was added in felix. I would like to clarify that I never try to do exactly the same building in the 3D version, I just use it…


This work was inspired by the Nerman Museums of Art sited in Overland park, a college campus suburb in Kan- sas designed by Kyu Sung Woo Architects in 2007. I found it interesting for ist simple volumes and austerity. I tried to convey this caractheristcs in my visualization keeping the environement and the materials as…

Experimenting Environments

This picture is one of the first realized with 3ds max in conjunction with v-ray. The idea was to experiment exterior lighting, for this I’ve used and HDRi to lighten the scene. The  lake surface is a simple plane with a water material and a displacement map applied. The natural environement  was created scattering the…

Let Me Away – Escape

In this scene I tried to convey an atmosphere of calm and concentration. When I was thinking about my approach for this interior, the target I set to myself was a retro style that I tried to achieve through the use of worn materials and natural lighting.